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October 2021 Newsletter – Matching Funds Campaign

October 18, 2021

“Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.”

~ 1 Chronicles 16:34

Matching Funds Opportunity for Dormitory #3

The progress at the Land of Living Hope towards completing Phase One with the dormitories is moving along well. The first two dormitories are completely funded. We are now working on raising support for dormitory number three. We have a matching fund campaign going on right now! A generous donor is willing to match up to $28,500! Will you help us to double this to $57,000? Please continue to pray for the funds to complete this dormitory. The total cost of building including the septic is $85,000. We are believing that God will make a way just as He has done for the other two!

Lockdown Remains in Effect

President Museveni announced this month a new proposal for school re-opening. The goal for university students is November 1, 2021. This is pending on all university staff and students receiving the COVID vaccine. The goal for primary and secondary students is January 2022. Again, this is pending on all school staff and students ages 12 and up receiving the COVID vaccine. The children have been out of school for over two years, with a small period of re-opening. As a ministry, we are researching other options for our students, especially our older children. We are reviewing a vocational and skills training program for our older Seeds of Hope Children and researching an international school for our younger children. Please be in prayer for us as a ministry as we are seeking the best options and opportunities for our students.

Recent Visits to Uganda

In August, Sonya, our co-founder, and Teresa, board member and director of sponsorship, traveled to Uganda for three weeks. This was the first visit in one and a half years since the pandemic and lockdown began. Child updates and project inspections were a huge part of the trip. Most of their stay was at the Land of Living Hope. Clothes and shoes were purchased for the children that were on location. We were also excited to take a large donation of doTERRA oils to help with the prevention of malaria and do training with our nurse and staff and how to effectively use the oils. Beautiful Feet International donated a brand-new ultrasound that we were able to take on this trip along with prenatal vitamins. Barbara, Sonya, and Teresa were able to minister to the women at our Kabale Clinic. Please pray especially for teenage pregnancy in Uganda as they have increased greatly during the lockdown. Please pray as we continue to figure out how to get prenatal vitamins into the country consistently. Prenatal vitamins are not in Uganda. They were able to travel to the village for a day to see many of the children in foster care, however, because of mandates set in place with group meetings, it became challenging. The team was also able to minister on the radio in Ntungamo. The team checked up on our university students and made sure they had adequate supplies. These are just a few of the highlights from this trip.

The first week of October a second team arrived in Uganda. This team was made up of Russell, our co-founder, Tim, board member and director of finance, and Kevin from East Africa Bible College in Kenya. The purpose of this team was to do final inspections of the first two dormitories and the FM Spargo Multipurpose Building, to discuss options for training for our pastors through East Africa Bible College, to discuss the existing sustainable projects, and to evaluate needs at the land. It was a great opportunity to have Kevin on the team as he has many years of experience working in Africa. We are gleaning from his knowledge and experience! Two new motorcycles were purchased for the ministry to help with transportation.

Emergency Medical

Hope Ministries Uganda was able to help support a young boy named Godson. Godson has hydrocephalus. We were able to assist with a shunt replacement and a follow-up surgery because the shunt had become infected. Please keep Godson in your prayers.

Our Gardens Are Growing

We continue to work towards sustainability at the Land of Living Hope. The children participated in the planting of our gardens just in time for the rainy season! Beans, tomatoes, maize, onions, and much more! Please pray for an abundant crop!

Exciting News

Batwa Crafts® is now officially a registered trademark! We are expanding our Batwa Crafts® market. You can now buy crafts on Amazon! We are also now in a boutique called Lotus & Buddha Art Collective in Micanopy, FL. It is exciting to see our women’s work appearing in specialty shops! We will also be at the Great Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte, NC from November 11-21 in booth 3424. Stop by to see us and purchase with a purpose! Our women also continue to get contracts with Trades of Hope. Be sure to check out the new confetti basket!

Prayer Requests

  • Please continue to keep Hope Ministries Uganda in your prayers.
  • Matching fund campaign and the completion of dormitory three
  • Safety of Seeds of Hope Children who are in foster care
  • Wisdom and discernment for Pastor Gerald and Barbara for the ministry
  • Schools to re-open
  • Baby Godson
  • Sponsors to rise up for our sponsorship program
  • Wisdom as we plan for phase 1.5 after the completion of dormitory three
  • Hope Ministries Uganda board for wisdom and discernment

Sonya Schweighardt

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October 18, 2021

Seeds of Hope

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  • There is a waiting room at Holmes Regional Medical Center, off to the side of the ER. It is one that a social worker may lead you to and sit with you quietly as you await sickening words seep out of a surgeon’s mouth. It is where the deaths are confirmed.

  • We are now working on raising support for dormitory number three. We have a matching fund campaign going on right now! A generous donor is willing to match up to $28,500! Will you help us to double this to $57,000?

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