Anchor of Hope Strategy

AOHS buys/pays for food, clothing, bedding, oversight, and basic schooling

The Anchor of Hope Strategy (AOHS) is the highest level of support for the Seeds of Hope Children.

Tim Eades

Board member; Anchor Program Coordinator

Every Dollar Counts

100% of donations given specifically through the AOHS go directly for the care of the 300 orphaned, abandoned, and rejected children.


Those participating in the AOHS will have direct contact with HMU staff or board to keep in contact with the latest of what is happening in regard to the children.

Anchor Teams

A group of people, an organization, a church/churches, or an individual commited to providing $1,000 or more monthly to the AOHS.

Specialty Anchor Teams

A group, single person or an organization commited to providing $200 to $999 per month to the AOHS.

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