Birthday Celebrations

The once hopeless, the once forgotten, the once never counted, the ones who never knew why he or she was born, can now celebrate the day he or she was born! Thanks to our monthly donors for making this possible. Without your monthly giving, these children had no reason to celebrate the day they were born.

Rather cursing the day they were born and the womb that carried them, we praise God because of your monthly giving each month. Hope Ministries Uganda arranges birthdays for the Seeds of Hope Children who were born in the same month. This has helped the children to raise high hopes and understand that they are also counted and that each child is so unique and an important creation to God. They can now see the purpose to why they were born.

During our monthly birthday celebrations we have seen the children shed tears of joy because…


Thanks to our monthly donors, because you give, these children have a reason to celebrate and smile! God bless you!