Hope Ministries Uganda believes in empowering marriages and families. Too often we see mothers raising children in broken homes with no father figure. God created marriage and He created family. God has called us to help restore the family unit by empowering marriages the way God intended for them to be.

Through empowering marriages . . .

  • families will be empowered
  • HIV/AIDS can be decreased
  • children can grow up in healthy families

Where do we start?

We start with our pastors and their spouses. It is important to raise up our pastors’ marriages in order that they can demonstrate what a healthy, biblical marriage looks like. Then our pastors begin raising up the marriages in our churches and communities. Through conferences and marriage counseling, we believe that God will raise up marriages and families will be empowered!

Please pray for our leaders as we work towards developing the curriculum for empowering marriages and family.