Raise Up

The women will go through a course entitled Elemental Business Development Course.

This is a Christ-centered curriculum that will impact their lives on many levels. We want our women to be equipped to manage and understand business and how a successful business can change a family line.

  • This course work consists of 16 modules.
  • Each module costs $100.

We have spoken with the developer of the curriculum, Sarah Ray, who originally developed this for women in Uganda. We are so excited to see how God will use this program with our women.

We need your support in purchasing the license for the curriculum. $1600 will cover all 16 modules.

"We believe that a sustainable model coupled with dynamic storytelling and intentional reporting is crucial to an organization's ability to cultivate dedicated, ongoing support. Neema exists to provide the engaging, culturally relevant, data-driven content and training materials your organization needs to establish effective programs, communicate ideas authentically, and achieve the impact you hope for."
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to bring this livesaving training to the Batwa

Neema’s Elemental Business Development Course was created in response to high levels of unemployment and poverty within developing nations. Their premier product, an off-the-shelf 16 module, 70-hour curriculum can be conducted over the course of several days or several months depending on preference. Their training methodology is extremely engaging, hands-on, and readily applicable to the lives of emerging entrepreneurs. Neema created the business training course as a practical means of fostering economic opportunity in order to prevent and mitigate poverty-related injustices. Their hope is that individuals and families will gain the stability and freedom necessary to pursue hopeful and prosperous futures. Participants graduating from the EBD course are eligible to receive a certificate and will have completed a full business plan.