Rev. Forney Monroe Spargo
February 5, 1917 ~ February 23, 2020

The F.M. Spargo Multipurpose Building is being built in honor of Rev. Forney Monroe Spargo. Rev. Spargo was a pastor within the Pentecostal Holiness Church. Pastor Spargo lived to the ripe age of 103 years old. He was greatly loved by many.

This building is a multipurpose building. It will be used for a pastor training center, church for the local community, and future dining hall for our Seeds of Hope Children. We are thankful to F.M. Spargo’s family for the generous donation along with Living Hope Church and other donors who helped in funding this building.

F.M. Spargo

The F.M. Spargo Multipurpose Building is complete. We now need to raise the funds for furnishing the building. The following are our goals for furnishing the building:


    • Kitchen Cabinets: $7298
    • Chairs (500): $1460
    • Tables (65): $4744
    • Gas Cookers (2): $6422
    • Pans (10): $584
    • Pulpits (2): $409
    • Music System: $4379
    • Office Chairs (4): $934
    • Office Tables (2):$876
    • Transport: $2920

TOTAL: $30,026