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“Vision without action is merely a dream.
Action without vision just passes the time.
Vision with action can change the world.”
Joel A Barker

It Takes a Village

The Children’s Village has been a dream since the initial purchase of the Land of Living Hope in 2016. The land sits next to the village Kihihi in the Kanungu District next to the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Hope Ministries Uganda cares for 300 orphaned and abandoned children. The Batwa were forced out of their home in the Bwindi Impenetrable Rain Forest in the mid 1990’s and became conservation refuges with no place to call home. The Children’s Village will provide an opportunity for our children to be brought out of institutional living (the orphanage) and into family units. As much as we try to provide a safe home environment within the orphanage setting, it can’t provide for the basic needs that our children truly need.

Phase 1: Dormitories

Our first phase involves building dormitories that will have adequate space for each child to have their own bed and not allow for overcrowding.

Each dormitory will house 120 Seeds of Hope Children. These dormitories will be equipped with spaces for matrons to sleep, sick beds, and full bathrooms. Once we complete phase 2, these buildings will not be wasted. The dormitories will easily be converted into school buildings and will be used accordingly.

Phase 2: Homes

The Children’s Village will provide an opportunity for children to be brought out of an institutional setting (the orphanage) and into family units so that they can better understand the concept of family and receive love from parental figures in their lives.

Research shows that there are higher levels of trauma from growing up in an orphanage. Children will have more security, feel loved, and a sense of belonging when in family units. Each home will have trained house parents who will be able to help meet the child’s basic needs. Each home will have 8 children that will become a family unit.

Who will Rise Up?
Who will be Love?

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