Pastor Training School in Collaboration with East Africa Bible College

Solid pastoral training is a necessity in Uganda. Pastor Mensa Otabil, and African pastor states, “Only a real pastor and true leader will be looking for ways to train and equip his people to develop their potential.” This is the heart for the pastors that we work with in south west Uganda. We desire to develop and train up our pastors to a higher level, giving them deep roots so that they can be good shepherds and can lead their flock in solid truth. We want to develop generational leaders that have responded to the calling that God has on their lives. Hope Ministries Uganda is working towards developing a program through East Africa Bible College to open up a campus at the Land of Living Hope. Please be in prayer for us as we press forward to work on the details of the school and begin selecting our first students. The present goal is to begin in the spring of 2022.

This page will continue to develop as we get closer to opening the campus. There will be opportunities to support upcoming students. Please continue to pray as the program is developed.