We have been blessed since 2016 to be able to provide Christmas for all of our Seeds of Hope Children. Each year our goal is to bring a special Christmas celebration to our children so that they know they are remembered. This past year the children were so happy as they were able to go to the market to buy new outfits! Each child received a special gift. They also had a special Christmas Festival with lots of praise and worship and the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ! A meal that was fit for a king and of course a beautiful birthday cake for Jesus. The joy on their faces made it all worth it.

We praise God so much for Hope Ministries Uganda USA and their partners and how they were able to provide Christmas for 207+ children, provide a children’s festival that impacted the local community at Nyanamo, new outfits, small gifts and a large Christmas feast!

The children went to the market to shop for a new Christmas outfit and shoes. Each child received a special Christmas package. We played lots of games. The Christmas feast included: chicken, beef, goat, rabbit, matoke, chips, rice, and much more! We had a Christmas cake and lots of sodas! This was a time of much rejoicing as our Seeds of Hope Children are seeing God answering prayers of provision and support.

We thank you so much for helping to inspire our Seeds of Hope Children. You are truly planting seeds that are impacting generations to come!

Our Seeds of Hope Children have in the past been pressed down through discrimination and were told that their lives have no value. But now they know that they are seen by the King of kings and the Lord of Lords. They know that their lives have value and importance. They know that they are remembered and thought of.

We hope that you will help us to bring that Christmas Joy once again in 2018.